Toilet seats are a popular handyman repair.

Replacing a toilet seat is a home repair that not only can be done quickly, it can save money and improve the looks and comfort of your bath. There are many choices in color and materials. The main detail to consider is the size and shape of the seat. Some toilets use a round and some an elongated shaped seat. For some models there is a specific seat for that model toilet and it must be purchased from the manufacturer. These models are considered high end models and are not typically found in most homes. Regardless of size and shape, all seats and toilets use the same mounting location and dimensions for the mounting screws so this detail should not be a concern.

The bolts can be found under the caps at the hinge point

Removing the old toilet seat is generally a matter of lifting a protective cap and using screwdriver to loosen the anchor screw. In some cases you may have to hold the nut underneath as you loosen the screw (I use channel locks for this part). Whatever tools you have on hand that remove the two screws/bolts that hold the seat in place is all you need.

A word of caution:

Use caution when working with all porcelain toilets and sinks. Although most seats come with plastic hardware, care must be taken when tightening nuts that contact the surface to avoid cracking the toilet bowl or tank. Remember that accidentally bumping or clamping down on porcelain with metal tools can crack your toilet.

Toilet seat installation is in the reverse order. Install the screws, washers and nuts. Tighten until the seat is feels solid and does not move from side to side when sat on.

If You Need to Replace a Toilet Seat

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