Programmable Thermostats save you money How to save on energy costs is a popular question for home repair specialist and handymen alike. Almost half of monies spent on energy or spent on heating or cooling ourProgrammable Thermostat homes. We need our furnaces in the cold months and the cooling relief of AC in the summer. Although it is possible to save some cash by sacrificing a few degrees on either extreme, this one suggestion can add to that savings and bring the added benefit of saving some time and memory.

Your air conditioning and heating expenses will be reduced by more than 10% if the programmable thermostat is used properly. A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts indoor temperature according to preset times and temperatures.

What are the Benefits of Programmable Thermostats?
  1.   Higher Level of Comfort – If needed you will have the increased flexibility to set the temperature slightly higher before you wake up for those cold mornings. Programmable thermostats are more accurate than manual models.
  2.   Convenience – You avoid frequent trips to the thermostat to make adjustments nightly or when leaving during the day. By having an automated temperature control for your home heating and air conditioning system, you can stop worrying about whether or not the Thermostat was turned up or down for comfort or energy savings.
  3. Energy Savings – It is possible to save an estimated $180 a year or more when a home air conditioner and heater system are used in conjunction with a programmable thermostat.

The unit should be installed on an interior wall, away from sources of heat or drafts (doorways, sunlight, windows, bright lamps, or skylights). Only a minimal number of tools are needed to make the switch. A screwdriver, level and perhaps a screw gun or drill. You new thermostat will come with instructions, however the basic steps will be:

  1. Turn Power Off
  2. Detach old thermostat, along with the wall plate, but be aware that older models often contain mercury, a toxic substance that needs to be appropriately recycled.
  3. Label wires (usually there are 2or 4) and secure them by tying them in a loop.
  4. Install the new wall plate first, then connect the wires, following instructions.
  5.  Finally, mount the new programmable thermostat on the wall plate and restore power.
How to Best Program a Thermostat?

Most new models come with pre-programmed settings that are set to keep energy efficiency to the maximum. For best results it is recommended that the time periods for different settings are set to at least 8-hour increments. The instructions will also include a “best practices” guideline for your particular unit. The following table provides a good guideline.

Suggested Tempature Settings

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