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Kitchen Remodeled in Brighton Co

For most families the kitchen serves as the one true room that brings everyone together. It is also one the rooms that receive the most attention when selling or remodeling the home. It needs to be functional, stylish and inviting. As your kitchen remodeling contractor we take the time to make sure your kitchen will meet your every need, and have the styling to please the most discriminating eye. We have done dozens of kitchen remodels in Brighton and a few in the Fort Lupton area as well.


Everyone’s kitchen needs are a little different. Depending on family size, entertainment factors and resale value considerations every kitchen remodel is tailored to fit each homeowner a little different. Were appliances are placed and which type of cabinetry is used will depend on your specific needs. All of this is considered when designing for functionality.


Style entails options in color, design elements such as a contemporary, cottage or classic style, and materials such as stone, stainless steel, and wood selections.  Add lighting and possibly seating options and you get the idea. The style can be your own. As your kitchen remodeling contractor we look to you for these ideas. We can suggest many variations, but this is your kitchen.


An additional requirement of a kitchen is comfort. How you will use your kitchen is a factor in how comfortable it is. Do you like to cook alone or socially with friends and family. Do you put a priority on baking? How about clean-up and young ones? All factors in a comfortable kitchen.

As your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

At Sutton Construction we work hard to make your kitchen remodel project a smooth low impact, stress free and rewarding experience. With expert planning and execution our professional team will complete your kitchen remodel quickly and leave your home clean and usable throughout the process.

A kitchen remodel will add value, functionality, and comfort to your home. See how Sutton Construction can help you design and remodel your kitchen and make it an enjoyable part of everyday home use and a room you can be proud of.

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