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Home Repairs in Brighton Co

Home repair made on Brighton home. A regular part of home ownership is keeping up with the regular maintenance. These home repairs need to be done to keep a house in good working order and a safe, protective environment. Regular home repairs will keep your home an enjoyable place to live and retain or increase it’s market value. Here in Brighton, Sutton Construction is your go to  company for home repair needs.

Prevent Before Repair

By definition a home repair is part of an overall maintenance program. There are two types of home repairs that need to be addressed in a home.  They usually fall into two categories, an expensive full on repair caused by continuous damage or preventative maintenance. An example of the difference between these two actions would be perhaps noticing that a door is not hanging quite right or not closing the way it is supposed to. Preventative maintenance may only require a few minutes to tighten hinges or make an adjustment. If allowed to continue the door can become damaged, trim could be damaged. Eventually an expensive repair and replacement of trim, door locks, or hinges or complete re-installation of a new door unit may be needed. It’s obvious that preventative maintenance is preferable. Whenever possible, make small adjustments quickly before they degrade into an expensive repair.

Know Your Home

Where you live and the environment effect your home. Here in Brighton it is no different.  It’s good to be in tune with your home. By this we mean to have a general sense for what is working and what isn’t. Understanding what or how things are supposed to work in the home and how they change over time. Sometimes it can be sounds. A heating system that begins to sound different, perhaps sounds labored or begins to whistle or make clicking should be taken care of before something more drastic occurs. If your home has a finished basement, as do most homes  in Brighton, smells may come into play. If you find that it has started to smell musty or furniture begins to feel damp. It may be that drainage on the outside of the home is no longer working correctly, pumping systems inside of the home meant to drain away standing fluid under the foundation has quit working or perhaps a vent system is not removing humid air. Again not allowing these things to continue is far less expensive than allowing the damage to continue and having to pay for much more expensive home repairs.

Popular Home Repairs

Some of the most popular home repairs in the Brighton area are damage to drywall, plumbing leaks, doors that stick or do not latch correctly. Repairs to floors involve replacing tile, laminated woods or carpet. Most work involving floors is the result of normal wear and tear and can be anticipated. A common but unforeseen repair to floors is usually caused by water leaks resulting in damage. Wind damage to roofs, gutters, and siding are also very common.

What Not to Repair

Keeping up with home repairs is important, however, it’s also important to know what not to repair. There are some items around the home that are better off replacing then repairing. Although I recommend this on a case by case basis generally items that should not be repaired fall into these categories. If a shower valve is leaking and has been rebuilt once before it’s no longer a good value to repair it. It needs to be replaced. The same is true of sink faucets and bathroom faucets. By the time these plumbing fixtures can be rebuilt it is usually a far better value to replace them with new. Depending on the manufacturer the same can be said for vinyl windows. The weather and sun here in Brighton can devastating to vinyl. When this type of window is not closing properly, sealing properly, or the frame or glass is broken many times replacing the entire window unit is a far better value than attempting to repair. One final item that many who do their own home repairs try to repair but are better off replacing is a water heater. This one item can be a very dangerous appliance to work on and should usually be left up to a service professional.  There are a number of small parts that can be replaced if a water here is giving you trouble. Not consistently getting hot,  making strange noises or leaking even if only occasionally, it’s time to think of about replacement.

Keep Up With Home Repairs.

There’s no doubt that there’s always something that needs to be done around the home. If  you live here in Brighton we can help. By staying in tune with your home and attentive to the changes that crop up from week to week it is possible to stay ahead of major home repairs. There will always be basic wear and tear items that will occasionally need addressed and there are some things that should be replaced instead of repaired. But there’s no question that staying on top of these issues will save money in the long run and maintain good property value and comfort around the home.
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