Drywall is one of the key surface elements in any home. Used in every room and open to damage from hundreds of sources it can sometimes begin to detract from the beauty of a home. These types of home repairs are a very common request. If you need to do a few drywall repairs take courage in the fact that it is a repair that can be accomplished by any homeowner with only a minimum of skill necessary.

Repairs range from small cracks to larger damage. There is a vast selection of tools , materials, and repair aids available for drywall and plaster work but only a few are truly needed for the basic repair. Spot fillers and spackling come in small easy to use containers and sizes. For most repairs a 6” drywall knife is the most common tool for applying plaster or “mud” as it is called. Mud tubs are a good investment if repairs cover areas larger than about basketball size. They make picking up and applying the plaster far easier than out of the container alone.

Drywall repairs are usually reinforced with fiberglass or paper tape that increases the strength of the repaired area.

After drying the repair can be sanded, recovered and textured as needed. Although admittedly there is a learning curve to the process and that drywall can also be a very messy, dusty project it is still a repair that can be accomplished by the homeowner.