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Mold in the bath can be a common but controlable occurence

Preventing Bathroom Mold

Mold is a everywhere. Like a fine dust it floats around and lands on all surfaces in your home. To grow it needs indirect light and moisture. As one of the wettest areas in your home, the bathroom is where […..]

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Fix a Sagging Door

Poorly Closing Doors are Common One very common repair a handyman sees is the poorly closing or sagging door. The reason can be from poor installation but usually is the result of years of use or shifting home structure. I […..]

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A bath vent fan with light

Repair a Noisy Bathroom Fan

Some Noise is Expected All bathroom fans make noise, but some create such a disturbance that owners avoid using them. This is especially bothersome in a guest bath or powder room. I get many calls as a  handyman for this […..]

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Old hinges squeak for many reasons. sometimes a new one may be the answer.

Handyman Tips on: Squeaky Hinges

This is a very popular handyman request. Fix that the squeaky door. Before you call your handyman read on and try these tips first. If you’ve a cabinet door or room door that squeaks each time its opened, chances are […..]

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