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Installed garbage disposal and plumbing

Handyman Tip to: Freeing a Seized Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal has become a standard in almost every modern kitchen today. It tirelessly grinds and flushes away the leftover dinner scraps that we used to tediously remove over a smelly trash can in the past. They are an […..]

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All of these parts are included in a kit the your handyman can install in just a few minutes in most cases.

Handyman Tip to: Common Plumbing Emergencies

It’s Bound to Happen Maybe this has happened to you. Or maybe it’s one of those nightmare scenarios that just sits in the back of your mind. An emergency plumbing problem. Water is capable of so much damage when it […..]

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Replace a Toilet Wax Ring

What to Look For If your toilet is leaking around the base or worse is staining the drywall of on the ceiling below, the problem is most likely a failure of the wax ring. This is a very common home […..]

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Toilet seats are a popular handyman repair.

Handyman tip to: Replace a toilet seat

Replacing a toilet seat is a home repair that not only can be done quickly, it can save money and improve the looks and comfort of your bath. There are many choices in color and materials. The main detail to […..]

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